Gift Cards

We do not offer coffee gift cards at this time. Panera Bakery-Café gift cards are only redeemable in-store at Panera Bakery-Café locations. To find your nearest Panera, visit our Cafe Locator.

Changing Frequency Of Deliveries

Yes! You can manage your subscription plan within your customer portal. Please follow these steps on our account management page for further instructions.

International Shipping

No, we only ship domestically within the United States.


All of our varieties are made with the same bean blends and at the same roasters as our Panera Bakery Cafe coffees. The grinds will vary slightly to be more suited for at home brewing equipment. The Hazelnut Crème, Dark Roast & Light Roast are matches to our Panera Bakery Cafe Coffees. Caramel, Colombian & Madagascar Vanilla are all inspired by other flavors in our bakery cafes. These coffees all adhere to Panera’s strict standards for quality, taste & ingredients so you can enjoy the same great coffee experience from our cafes – at home.

Our pods work in single-serve coffee brewers, including Keurig machines. They are compatible with Keurig 2.0 Brewing systems.

Because these items have so many components, we encourage you to find the appropriate symbol on our bags & boxes to help direct you. More information can be found on https://how2recycle.info/labels.

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