You know Panera for craveable food and beverages in our cafes and our cafe-inspired line of grocery products. We take great pride in the quality and craft of the food we serve and make sure the same goes for our coffee. Panera invites you to start every day fantastic! Responsibly sourced and expertly roasted, our 100% Arabica coffee delights the senses, whether you need to jump start your morning or want to sit back, sip and relax.

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Bakery-Cafe Blends

Light Roast

Bright, balanced, mellow. The morning multi-tasker.

Pairs well with: Milk and granola, a cinnamon crunch bagel, and the day's first work meeting,

Roast Profile:


Hazelnut Creme

Smooth, rich, nutty. Perfect for your morning ritual of afternoon break.

Pairs well with: English muffins with jam, a yogurt parfait, and a sweet treat after lunch.

Roast Profile:


Dark Roast

Bold, intense, full-bodied. Start your day strong.

Pairs well with: scrambled eggs and bacon, scrumptious pastries, and breakfast on the go.

Roast Profile:


Panera green coffee bag light roast 12 oz
hazelnut creme green panera coffee bag 12 oz
Panera dark roast green coffee bag 12 oz

Bakery-Cafe Inspired Blends

Madagascar Vanilla

Fragrant, creamy, sweet.  Great with breakfast or as an afternoon treat.

Pairs well with: Avocado toast, freshly baked scones, and a coffee chat with friends.

Roast Profile:



Balanced, sweet, smooth.  Everyday brew full of playful flavor.

Pairs well with: Toast and jelly, a breakfast burrito, and your busy day ahead.

Roast Profile:


Rich, sweet, buttery.  A delightful daily decadence.

Pairs well with: Croissants and butter, a hearty muesli mix and your afternoon pick-me-up

Roast Profile:


Panera Madagascar Green Coffee Bag 12 oz
panera colombian green coffee bag 12 oz
Panera Caramel 12 oz green bag

Who's Ready For Their New Favorite Roast?

Introducing the Panera Coffee Experience

Sustainably Sourced

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100% Arabica COffee

Bakery-Cafe Blends

Dairy free, vegetarian, gluten free, certified kosher panera bread coffee bean

The Right CHoice

Dairy-Free, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Certified Kosher

Our promise coffee beans held by hands no artificial flavors sweeteners healthy

Our Promise

No artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors or colors from artificial sources.

Highest quality 100% arabica beans made sustainably ribbon of approval

Quality You Can Count On

Exceptional Flavor and Taste Profile in Every Brew


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