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The best in my opinion!

Panera Light Roast has been the preferred coffee in my cup!

Colombian 12oz Ground Coffee
Patricia Heinemann

Very bitter taste...

Please, No mornings without Panera Hazelnut Coffee

I love this coffee so much that when I don't have it I don't fully enjoy my morning.

Love Panera dark roast

Shipment was well packed. Arrived in excellent condition.

I love this light roast of this brand.

Best coffee

I was disappointed when kurig stopped selling Panera and luckily I can get it directly from here. Bear coffee

Caramel Single Serve Cups

Best coffee

After drinking Panera coffee, I don’t like anything else. Never ever set foot in a Starbucks store !!


Love Panera lt roast coffee. Will b ordering more soon.

light roast

warm, delicious coffee with smooth nonbitter taste. Love it !

Panera Dark Roast K-Cups

Been drinking this coffee since it!


We love the rich smooth taste of Panera dark roast. And was so happy to get it straight from Panera website

Gimme my coffee!

We have been drinking Panera Light Roast for a few years, love the flavor and doesn't have a lot of the acid that is contained in other coffees

Hazelnut coffee

I feel that the Hazelnut coffee from Panera is the best I’ve ever had. Thank you Panera.

Caramel Single Serve Cups
Theresa Jacobsen
New favorite coffee!

My favorite coffee was Panera Salted Caramel -- until they discontinued it. I took a chance on Panera Caramel, and it has become my favorite coffee!

Awesome Coffee

I love this Kcup coffee. It is nice and light and very smooth to the taste. I am glad that I am able to order it through Panera, because I can no longer find it in the grocery store.

Medium roast

This is good hut what happened to the medium roast? I'm unable to find
Thanks Sean Foll

Great coffee.

Love your dark roast. It has a deep roast flavor. I would recmmand this coffee for anyone that enjoys a rich cup of coffee

Best start to every day- Panera coffee

Great product and great delivery service!! Kudos….

My Favorite Coffee!

I love Panera’s dark roast coffee! I love it in the restaurant and at home! I’m so glad I found it on line at a great price point. I’ve tried many brands over the years, and this truly is the best, and my family agrees! It’s the only dark roast we’ll drink! Thank you Panera!

Smooth coffee

This is the best coffee out there. I look forward to enjoying a cup of this coffee every morning. Always smooth. Never bitter.

My favorite

Love drinking this flavor at home. Sometimes even better than in the stores. Nice job!!

Hazelnut Crème

Wonderful flavor, robust, my daughter's a true coffee addict. She loves the flavor, drinks no other coffee that Panera's Hazelnut Crème.

Dark Roast 12oz Ground Coffee

Richest, best tasting coffee!

This coffee is very robust and has no hint of weakness. It holds a strong, rich flavor as a very good dark roast.